Changing IP.Board's Internal Cache Method


XenServ's PHP powered hosting almost always comes with that awesome XCache.
You may find XCache may not function properly with your IP.Board depending on it's version, modules, etc. It's a hit or miss however it's the fastest cache method.

Open conf_global.php in your forum root


$INFO['use_xcache'] = 1;


Ever hear about MemCached? IP.Board 2.2 and higher now has a API for it.

XenServ provides client's free access to Memcache daemons.

How to apply into IP.Board?

Open conf_global.php in your forum root.

$INFO['use_memcache'] = 1;
$INFO['memcache_server_1'] = "nameofserver";
$INFO['memcache_port_1'] = "11211";
Memcache Server Access by System
# Phoenix.XenServ.Net
Hostname - IP - Port
localhost : - Port 11211
rubicon : - Port 11211

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