We’re proud to announce some additional standard features out of recent testing.  

Apache 2.4 + PHP-FPM 

xenServ Hosting is now utilizing the latest PHP-FPM functionality via Apache 2.4, currently using version PHP 5.4 + XCache. This would function as the normal mod_fastcgi, LiteSpeedPHP- however with more benefits and speed. So no changes to any website required to enjoy this PHP Application improvement. 


Google mod_pagespeed

The latest benefit, brought to you by Google! This module has been highly spoken about. We have it enabled in a light/moderate mode to prevent any site issues. The gains are impressive, with no performance hit on our end. If you have any custom rules you would like added for a specific domain, please let us know.



Apache mod_security + COMODO Web Application Firewall ruleset  

After adding mod_security with cPanel default rules, we noticed little to no performance hit on our end – websites load the same speed, but have an additional layer of protection. Furthermore, we added a custom non-intrusive ruleset from Comodo. 


All these new features will greatly benefit any xenServ Hosting experience and also work great with Free CloudFlare integration. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

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